Online casinos are not new. There was a time when it was the “New World” of gambling. But now it is as commonplace as the other websites and apps that once awed people we now take for granted. And because of that, we no longer see or sometimes ignore the effects of online casinos on our lives.

Brick and mortar casinos have not gone away, some have stepped up, and some simply made online casinos of their own to complement their already profitable business. Let’s talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of online casinos.

The Good

A Safe Place to Gamble

While I can’t really say gambling is good for you, if you have to do it, you might as well have options that are relatively good for you. Underground illegal gambling dens have not gone away. There are still places where gambling is frowned upon or downright illegal.

Rather than being forced to go to these dangerous, lawless places, you can gamble for real money at the safest place you can be; in the comfort of your own home. Win as much as you can without pissing off the mob and getting your knee caps crushed. (Just remember to pay the credit card company.) This, on top of other crucial pointers are mentioned in iomjapan.

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem

Casinos of the brick and mortar variety tend to have a dress code; I have yet to see a spy movie with 007 calling the villains bluff while in his boxers. The great thing about this is that you no longer have to worry about having to stop playing while on a hot-streak just because you didn’t want to change out of your bathrobe. You can even play in the nude! Though, your roommates might not like that.

Change and Play Multiple Tables Anytime

The problem with brick and mortar casinos is that you have to carry around your chips and find a vacant table of the game you want to play, it takes time to do this, and you can only play one at a time. Online casinos allow you to play multiple different games at the same time. Now you can lose money at baccarat while simultaneously going all-in at poker with only a two of clubs and four diamonds in your hand. The possibilities are endless! Who knows, you might even win a game or two while you’re at it.

The Bad

Not Knowing When to Stop

More often than not, people use their credit cards when playing online. You’re already playing with credit, so you might end up losing more than you can afford. The Ability to walk away from the table is essential to cool your head; if you’re winning it gives you a chance to feel content and walk away with the win if you already lost a lot of money the walk to the ATM might be enough time to get some sense into you.

No Free Drinks

Yes, you might be able to fix something up from your fridge while playing, maybe a nice glass of ice water, perhaps a glass of martini, or pickle juice? Let’s face it; you don’t like leaving your apartment, hence playing online instead of an actual casino, thus the probable lack of groceries.

The Ugly


Unless if you’re one of those gambling for a living guys, you might feel that the casino experience includes meeting and playing with other people. Nothing beats the feeling of a table where everyone is playing against the house, laughing and toasting to each win. Don’t get me wrong, online casinos are great and very convenient, but after winning big, it’s great to cheer with other people sometimes, instead of finding yourself alone, in your living room, with your pickle juice.