Craps is one of the more complicated casino games out there. That fact did not change when the game started being offered at online casinos. The presence of virtual gambling websites made the game more accessible to every aspiring gambler but it did not make it less complex. If you are to succeed when playing the game, you’ll need not only to familiarize yourself with its rules and the respective strategies involved, you’ll need to master these things too. 

Understanding the Game

Playing craps involves using 2 dice, rolling them and then adding all the numbers the moment the roll has been completed. The way that the game is played online is very much the same as it is played in live casinos. The only difference is that with online craps, the results are generated via a random number generator.

The RNG system ensures that despite the digitized nature of the game, the players will still be able to enjoy the same odds that they would be getting if they were playing in a real-world casino. The key is to ensure that the game is played with randomness and probability. Still, there is also the possibility that some online casinos might tweak their RNG. Some do this in the hopes of getting themselves a higher edge.

Craps Betting Basics

  • Pass Line – In this type of bet, the bettor is expected to win an amount that’s equivalent to the wager he has made if the dice will come up with a total of 11 or 7. If bettor ends up rolling a 2, 12, or 4, the bettor will lose the Pass Line wager. 
  • Don’t Pass – This bet is considered the opposite to the Pass Line. With this bet, 2, 3, and 12 are considered the winner. You will lose if you end up with an 11 or 7.

The first dice roll or the “come out” is considered “the point”. The bettor will continue to get the dice rolled until they end up getting a 7. When this happens, the shooter will lose or he is considered to have crapped out. Provided that you keep rolling numbers except 7, you will continue to win whatever money you have wagered. After the house pays the winning bettor, another roll with the come-out will establish a new point. 

Field Bet

A field bet will pay out the same amount as the bettor decides to place. However, this only happens when the dice will end up rolling a 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11. If the dice rolls a 5, 6, 7 or 8 then you lose. 

If a conservative craps game is what you’re hoping to play, you’ll have to stick top making pass line bets. This lends to the casino a slimmer winning edge. However, it’s important to remember that the value of the pass line wager will significantly diminish the moment the roll for the “come out” move is done.

See to it that the pass line wager is placed the moment the point has been successfully established to have a much higher rate of success with it. Craps is one fast-paced and fun game to play. Anybody can play it but the complex rules and the equally confusing bets can make a newbie player overwhelmed. This is why it helps to master some betting techniques to better increase your winning chances.